BONO provides a wide range of professional services. But right across our portfolio of services there is one thing in common: every one of our projects is led by professionals who understand the way in which our clients’ business and operational needs can be translated most effectively into the required product and solutions outcome.


We offer is a flexible and highly bespoke service based upon an extremely robust and well-proven formula for delivery.

Defining, procuring, coordinating and managing such teams is a skill in itself and here BONO’s comprehensive understanding of the Project management systems is particularly valuable. BONO  has the capacity and the knowledge to instruct, advise, guide and negotiate to get the best possible outcome from the design process - and a build able solution which accurately meets the client’s needs. BONO will evaluate options, assess and compare risks, and identify the most appropriate way forward.

BONO’s service covers everything from start to finish including all site and structure planning stages as well as feasibility studies; we are more than capable. Providing services from project concept to design implementation, incorporating décor concepts and the whole look and feel of the building.

BONO works alongside its clients to clarify define and articulate business and project objectives, using a value-driven approach that results in an accurate understanding of project needs (of both client and end user). We provide a full spectrum of project delivery services, ranging from business case preparation and the development of organisational frameworks and structures, to straightforward project delivery.

BONO works with a broad range of clients in many market sectors, providing high-calibre, adaptable project delivery teams whose job is to get beneath the surface of a project to ensure that our clients’ operational needs are met in the best possible way. We bring an innovative, challenging approach and are skilled in the management and coordination of the most complex, multi-faceted, schemes using leading-edge techniques and processes;

1. We advise the client on a number of appropriate project       management/procurement systems that is best suitable for the project;
2. We carry out project feasibility studies; develop the scope, schedule, cost and approach;
3. We assist our clients to speedily determine the basic brief for the project, endorse the design concept as well as the budget;
4. We act as primary agents responsible for administration, management and communication of the project;
5. We act as primary agent responsible for change management in the execution of projects;

6. We attend to the actual contractual arrangements between the   client and all the other consultants, ensuring that clearly defined responsibilities and roles of various parties are defined;am ensures that the advice we give our teams is accurate, timely and comprehensive. Importantly we integrate the approach we take to safety, quality management and environmental management so as to ensure both compliance and best practice in all that we do.

7. We co-ordinate all contractors and suppliers associated with the specific project;
8. We assist in implementing the cost planning, controlling and monitoring throughout the duration of the project;
9. We monitor and control programme progress and scheduling. We issue continuous and detailed progress and schedule reports to     client and stakeholders of all projects;
10. At the completion of the project, we issue a comprehensive close-out/ completion report that reflect all positive and negative    aspects as well as suggestions for continuous improvement for future.

Our project management philosophy is the company’s ethos, in all the solutions that we offer. Our Project Management method is principled and based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).


As a specialist construction practice, BONO concentrates on providing professional civil and structural engineering services, primarily for the government and municipal as well as private industry although the company has a strong track record in the commercial sector.

By focusing on the structural disciplines, we have developed particular expertise in the design and implementation of projects involving reinforced concrete and steel structures as well as structures of aluminium, timber, tar, masonry or engineering plastics.


The reputation of BONO was built initially around the Construction services offered to all projects specialising in the Construction of new and revamped infrastructures. Construction is the procurement method which best aligns with the principles of the reform movement in the industry. It consolidates the benefits of integrated team processes, the transparency of commercial activities, the non-confrontational attitudes demanded by it, and the way in which it empowers the client.

As a risk sharing, professional form of contract, construction management offers maximum flexibility for change to the customer, with minimum penalties. This professionalism is recognised by a number of clients where we provide continuous business support.


Where there is a need to coordinate, prioritise and plan major programmes of work BONO provides the expertise and resources needed to ensure continuity and continuing cost-effectiveness.

With the use of the latest software (Microsoft projects), Our role is, necessarily, very flexible since programme management needs change over time and at different phases in delivering the plan. But our approach is backed by extremely robust and well-proven systems - including a bespoke project management system premised on the PMBOK method which is the universally accepted Project Management Body of Knowledge and this allows us to remain in control of huge quantities of data and knowledge over time.

Our range of skills within BONO-IFPM is so diverse that we frequently find ourselves involved in aspects of the client’s programme delivery and planning

Social Corporate Investments

BONO-IFPM is dedicated to improving the lives of South Africans in a whole. Bono IFPM takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously by ensuring that its activities and actions have a positive social and economic impact on the communities in which we the operate and from which its employees are drawn, and by ensuring that its operations comply with regulations and good practice in respect of safety, health and the environment.

Bono’s approach to corporate responsibility and sustainable development goes further by ensuring partnerships with Government and private entities in community-based development projects in improving the lives and well-being of others by training, empowering and transforming those in need.


Facilities management consultancy provides an important addition to BONO Infrastructure, Facilities & Project Management’s portfolio of services - allowing us to continue our relationships with clients while facilities are in use. We differ from other facilities management (FM) providers in that our understanding of FM issues is underpinned by hands-on experience in building design and construction giving us a clearer perspective on maintenance issues and whole-life costing.

Facilities management services in BONO are delivered through the fact that we specialise not only in the provision of strategic FM advice but in the delivery of FM services.

Green Building Construction

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; We borrow it from our children.

Native American proverb"

Sustainability in the Built Environment has become an important force in ensuring climate change as combated, in creating a safer environment for us and our future generations. At Bono, our team has thorough knowledge of green building consulting, from food gardens and rain water harvesting to passive designs of buildings.

Our Expertise has been drawn from specialist research in the United Kingdom as well ample experience of the South Africa and Southern African climate as a whole. Our services include:

• Client Green Building brief: create a vision for new and existing green building project
• Green Building workshop and Project strategy sessions to    developers and municipalities
• Setting of targets for environmental performance and/or     benchmarking for sustainable design constructional and operations
• Corporate Sustainability Planning, inclusive of changes to current and existing buildings
• Energy, Thermal and Daylight Modelling, planning and installations.


BONO-IFPM provides complete Infrastructure, Facilities and Project Management related services across a wide range of private and public sector markets. Many of our skills, systems and ideas are readily transferable between sectors and we – and our clients wish to capitalise on the breakthroughs and innovations brought to one area as we apply them elsewhere.

BONO will continually expand the range of markets it serves. The company’s focus will be on both public and private sector namely.
•    Government Head Offices
•    Private Developers
•    Local Government & Municipalities
•    Exhibitions